He calls me kiddo, friends call me Jams...

You can call me Jamie.
Jun 05
Jun 04

When I box, there is no world outside of my bag.

I initially joined my club as an escape, but something beautiful happened soon after I put pen to paper on that contract…I made friends. Beautiful souls who laugh loudly, think before speaking, and listen with the intention of understanding instead of replying. These men and woman push me, inspire me, and have opened my eyes to the joy found in embracing love while looking into myself and rising up.

It’s been four months since I joined, and in that third of a year - I feel I’ve grown more into who I was meant to be than I have in the last decade. I begin each morning with meditation and the meaning of practicing yoga “off the mat” finally has a deeply rooted meaning in my life. Fully acknowledging that human or not, ‘intelligent’ or not, every living being has the basic right not to be considered a commodity, I’ve turned to vegetarianism with a heavy leaning towards veganism. I find myself talking quieter - but with more passion. A close friend calls me a warrior on a regular basis and I feel myself stand a little taller everytime he does. My self-confidence has skyrocketed, not because I’m exercising 5+ days a week, but because I finally feel at ease being myself. With eyes re-opened to the deepest yearning of my heart to serve and do, I find myself exhilarated with life and excited for each new day.

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it…it just blooms."

Apr 17
  • Coworker: You have a glow about you lately...you're always smiling.
  • Me: ...life is beautiful.
Aug 22

Shirley Bassey, my latest addiction #iamwhatiam #lacageauxfolles

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Jul 01
The pavements repulsed me. Give people the chance to pave the world over in any colour, and of course, they choose grey.

Listen, I know I’m a different animal at the office.

My hair is kept clipped back to keep it out of my eyes, my Persols overtake my lil’ face, and I rarely leave my desk - so if you see me in the afternoon, I very likely won’t have any lipstick left on from when it was first applied in the morning. As if looks weren’t enough, my guys in the office call me The Hammer due to the serious, no-nonsense, hand I take in getting shit done.

All of this to say: I understand. I completely, wholeheartedly understand why a friend I work with saw the below photo of me on Facebook, and - with a dropped jaw - said, “You…you have EYES!!”

'Cause, listen darlin', I learned at a young age that you don't have to flaunt what you've got. It's a little like wearing lingerie - the knowledge that you've got it is enough.

Jun 26

Fact of the day:

The existence of the rainbow depends on the conical photoreceptors in your eyes; to animals without cones, the rainbow does not exist.

…so you don’t just look at a rainbow - you create it.

Jun 02
His heart will stop at the sight of you or he doesn’t deserve to live…and yes, I am aware of the contradiction embodied in that sentence.
Becoming Jane
May 08

Someone please tell my darling of 5+ years that my life was meant to be a musical and that he should really keep that in mind when he proposes.

Also, please take away my access to Youtube…I just spent an hour watching flash mob proposals.

Mar 15
Mostly playful and occasionally serious, I slug back whiskey and sip green tea.
On a day like this, I want to remember nothing except for the
coming and going of every five minutes from here and now,
have no focus other than to manipulate my breathing,
make it flow and rhyme with the music.
This is what life is,
and everything is how it should be.